Boris Mosafir lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Model: Ekaterina Maingasheva – Bondage&photo: Mosafir

He is a Shibari Master and SM top. In this role he carries on different activities as rigger and shibari instructor holding workshops on this subject and also about whipping. On the other hand he is also a photographer and event organizer for events in Russia and abroad His vision of shibari is the concept that it is an interesting way to establish communication and connection between two individuals a big sexual and visual energy .

Reading his “shibari biography” we get he became interested in shibari in 2009, watching some pictures and falling in love with it. Shibari and photography became linked together and in the spring of 2011 he became to organize a photo exhibition called “Captured beauty” that took place at the St. Petersburg centre of culture “Red Flag” in February 2012. The exhibition was dedicated to the shibari and 2500 people visited it in three weeks. And even though It was the first shibari exhibition in Russia 13 photographers and 12 riggers took part in it. It comes it was a success, so after the exhibition, Boris Mosafir decided to go ahead in the shibari field on a more professional level.

After this decision he became rigging and organizing events in Russia and participating events around the world and he also established a school where to learn shibari. So now, in addition to the regular classes he teaches in St. Petersburg, he also give workshops in other Russian cities and in Europe such as Tallin, Riga, Turin, Paris, Rome, Helsinki, Kiev, Kishineu.

Then it was organized a creative team called “Karada”, that carries out shibari shows and performances. Karada is a Japanese word that literally means “body”, but in the English language of the world of the ropes it takes the meaning of an intricate rope structure.

Currently Boris Mosafir organizes tours and classes of European shibari artists and many events in Russia like the Ropefest, the RopeDay, BondageCafe, NawaYoi, the Fetish Faculty and RopeNight.

He also participate and participated in such a lot of events like parties, exhibitions, festivals and others that you will find on his personal site under the section “about me”.

He claims himself lucky to have the opportunity to work with such excellent models (Elena Merieru, Helga, Irina N., Aliya, Alexandra Ishemia, Kristina Veres, Valentina R., Cervata, Anna J., Glafira V., Yana Sinner, Daria Danina, Victoria Ravkina and others), but I think also his rope art is something excellent and really worth to be watched.


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Model: Ksenia
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